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Chaos: the e-book (finally)

Lorenz Attractor

I’m working with Open Road (what a talented bunch!) to produce a long overdue e-book of Chaos. It’s going to have what seems to be called in the biz “enhanced content”—which is to say, videos, animations, graphics in motion. Pendulums will swing and strange attractors will attract.

Yet it will still be a book. I think it will be done in March.

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  1. James Wilson says

    Wow! I’ve been wanting an eBook since my original 1988 copy and a second copy are now completely underlined!

    I’ve taught a Fractal and Chaos course to secondary math and science teachers since the early 1990s. Your book has been the only book students have had to buy. for the course. Over those years, I’ve written several hundred pages of supporting material for your book. I develop in detail almost all of the mathematics and science ideas described or mentioned in the book. I have also written many programs (first in BASIC, then in Starlogo, and now in MIT’s Scratch) that support the book. One student assignment is to use Scratch to create their own similarity fractal. You mention the Duffing equation in your book so I am writing a Duffing document for the next class in the Fall of 2015.
    I am excited about your ‘enhanced content. WHen can I buy the book?

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